Hospital Portal Development

Wwant to connect patients, physicians and community with the help of hospital website designing.The website will connect patient to doctor and doctor to patient Feel free to contact Code Counter, where we create, customise and manage your engaging hospital portal and get your hospital’s presence transformed into its online platform with centralised server, SMS alerts, medicine reminders, receptionist panel, doctor panel and patient panel.

Hospital Portal Development Services by Code Counter’s Professionals and Experts

We custom design websites and web technologies, new and ground-breaking proposals to hospitals and health centres to include various facilities. With years of experience, we have extraordinary and hospital website design in delhi that make them stand out in different ways to identify the requirements of the medical industry are positioned around. Our web design that is both our client look and feel of the website, including the unforgettable experience of their websites and creating visually stunning interfaces to meet the requirements are made. We have a proprietary search engine friendly architecture, which is an added benefit to our services in search engine optimization of the offer.

Code Counter’s key features:

→Quality Assurance

→Quantity Assurance




→Our sound knowledge base and expertise in medical domains

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Our development team software, applications, websites, and portals including hospital website design in delhi has years of experience in the development of various portals. Code Counter can be your trusted technology partner. Our team effectively develop complex custom designed portals specifically for multi-speciality hospitals work is handled. We deliver projects on time and within budget believe in. Developing effective and easy-to-navigate website is only the first step; Highlighting your website to the next step to attract more patients and to give you your dream of a successful business is included.

Make your website far better using rich media and self-service functions that will help improve client satisfaction, raise market share and lower costs. Get all you need with our CMS, a powerful, flexible program that's easy to learn and easy to use. Your visitors can pay expenses, make donations, find doctors, book appointments and even more while maintaining privacy and security.