Magento Website Development

Today over 200,000 e-commerce stores are powered by Magento around the world and this count is increasing at tremendous rate. Its advanced functions and exceptional flexibility make Magento the most effective enterprice category e-commerce platform around.

Magento Website Development

It is easier with Magento, to customise everything from the storefront to the website’s design making businesses to lead the innovation to generate incredible shopping activities. In nutshell, Magneto is e-commerce at its best.

At Code Counter, we assume that your business should get greater than parts i.e., pre-packaged solution.

Our highly talented and experienced team of Magento designers focuses on minute details and delivers customized solutions that set ith your business’ needs. We incorporate Magento’s out-of-the-box operation with igenuity to build complete Magento-based e-commerce stores that are created to drive sales and conversions.

Magento Website Development Services in Delhi

Success Mantra of Magento

  1. The most versatile and high-performance e-commerce platform in the world
  2. Variable featured and tweaked to align with the business needs
  3. Provides outstanding functionality by combining MySQL Databases and PHP script
  4. High flexibility through Entry-attribute-value ( EAV) model
  5. Multi-store functions with solo-administrative panel.
  6. Unlimited scope for even more progress and improvement due to its free licensing and scale business’ e-commerce store to adapt future business changes.
Code Counter as a Magento Website Development Company
  1. Vast competence in Magento theme development and integration of custom magento themes.
  2. Certified developers with10+ years of experience in central Magento programming.
  3. Experienced in installation, settings, squeeze page design and customization
  4. Decisive and result-driven strategies
  5. Expert in integrating Magento with 3rd party systems and software such as Payment Gateways, Delivery, Customer Relation Management (CRM), ERP, SAP, Salesforce, Navision, Netsuite, POS, etc.
  6. In-depth understanding of shopping cart software migration to Magento from other programs such as woocommerce, oscommerce, OpenCart, Shopify, etc
  7. Full integration of WordPress CMS into Magento.
  8. Timely version improvements, security add-ons and regular store maintenance.
  9. Flexible proposal models and competitive pricing.
  10. Multi-talented staffs deal with Magento store marketing, performance tuning, SEO, Repayment Gateway Integration, marketing, analytics etc.
  11. 24/7 Customer Assistance across all time zones.