Point of Sale at a glance

Code Counter’s retail point-of-sale (POS) line of complete systems can help you know exactly what is going on with your sales and inventory. Do you really know what your sales are like? Do you wish a smooth integration of your daily sales activities with customer management, inventory monitoring, daily sales reviews, e-commerce sales and even more? POS software provide by Code Counter is a tool that has user- friendly administration interface. It is that much sophisticated that it can customize all of the application settings and features instantly All these tools are developed and can be customized to suit your business' needs.

Point of Sale at best prices

Many companies begin by providing POS services using 3rd party POS software for his or her local markets. Following a certain time frame, when their volume of clients and users is continuing to grow considerably, they gravitate towards the thought of substituting 3rd party POS software with the own product. With all the 3rd party POS software system, they get started observing a few of the issues the program has and functionalities it does not have. Since some of these functionalities are in popular with the clients, this increases the motivation to produce their own POS product to load that gap.

Sales through cash or card payments ,Multi Food and Beverage; Non-Food and Beverage Outlets at Clubs, Hotels, and Service Apartments are all supported by the software , Possibility of multiple settlement types , Member entry is managed by the system of magnetic cards or barcoded cards or smart cards , Canteen Management System , Customer Relationship Management applications are also supported by smart cards , Keypads as well as touch screen support , Inventory Management With Code Counter’s Point-of-Sale services you can get better central control and remote surveillance & access to your POS activities? Our POS technology can help.